Singaporeans Left Confused and Frustrated with Latest “Bureaucratic” Covid Restrictions

Is it 3 adults to 2 children, or maybe 2 adults to 1 child?

The latest Covid-19 restrictions on dining out have left many Singaporeans scratching their heads.

The new rules, announced over the weekend, discriminate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and have an additional convoluted set of rules for adults dining with children.

Said undergrad Mohd Fadhil:

“I can’t even understand what the rules are, then how about my parents who are in their 50s? If we do anything wrong, what happens if we get fined? Why does the government have to make it so difficult?”

Banker Richard Lim said:

“This looks like a case of micro-management by bureaucrats who have lost control of the situation and are implementing complex regulations to satisfy their own insecurities and placate their egos.”

In addition, local business-owners such as gym owners are similarly wondering how to follow the new rules.

Said one fitness centre owner who only wanted to be known as Mr Goh:

“Instead of fixing problems, the new rules introduce a whole new set of problems. I think they (the government) have lost touch.”

The new regulations on dining out and fitness activities follow the KTV Covid-19 outbreak, which has so far grown to over 100 people in the cluster.

Questions have been raised as to why additional enforcement was not implemented for KTV lounges that had converted to F&B licences.

Many have also slammed lax border controls during the ongoing pandemic, seeing how foreign hostesses involved in the shameful fracas were allowed in Singapore on short-term passes.

At least one hostess was allowed into Singapore on a short-term visit pass because of a “girlfriend” relationship with a Singapore resident.

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