SLA “Liu Lian Ka Ki Jiak”: Photographers Complain of Unreasonable Copyright Terms in Photo Contest

Is the Singapore Land Authority trying to have its durian and eat it?

That’s what some photographers believe after scrutinising the fine print in the government agency’s photography contest, “Celebrating Places and Memories”.

Contestants are asked to send in photographs of state buildings, and the photographer with the most swee picture will win a prize.

But then, there’s that “unreasonable” clause in the fine print [that one highlighted in red].

The clause means that the SLA will have the right to use ALL photos submitted FOREVER for FREE without needing to give any credit to the poor sap who took the picture.

And guess who are the SLA’s partners for this competition?

The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) and the School of Photography Singapore (eh, aren’t these the guys who should most be cackling the most about something called “intellectual property rights” and protecting the works of photographers?)


Said local photographer Darren Soh (yes, the lightning guy):

“It saddens me to note that while the copyrights of the images submitted to the contest remain vested in the photographer, clause 7.3 just about negates that by categorically stating that the SLA will be able to pretty much use in whatever way they deem fit ALL ENTRIES SUBMITTED.

While it is commonly understood that winning a photo contest of this nature means that you grant the organizers use of your image (see it as a fair trade – prize for usage) I cannot see any good reason for any photographer to submit work to a contest where the act of submission (regardless of whether you win or not) grants the organizer free and unlimited use of as well as the right to RE-LICENSE your images – forever.”
So, liu lian ka ki jiak?

Others have also slammed the SLA for its methods, which they see as a way of gaining freebies.

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Maybe someone should refer the government agency to Teo Ser Luck for further counsel.


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