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Smaller flats for bigger families?

Very strange, the Singapore government.

On one hand, it wants to encourage married couples to have more children.

And on the other, it down-sizes out living spaces such that a family with more than 2 children will find them unlivable.


(1) Sure or not, Khaw?

Under the Khaw Boon Wan HDB regime, Singaporeans will have to put up with more 2-room flats, in newly-developed estates.

The supply of 3-room flats or bigger will be slashed by close to 20 percent.

Let’s not forget this: 2-room flats have just one bed-room.

So, should we buy bigger sofas so our children can sleep in them (because those little b*stards aren’t sharing my bed, that’s for sure).


(2) Barebones Cesspits

Let’s also not forget: “non-mature estates” essentially means “barren estates”.

After close to 20 years of development, Sengkang is still pretty much a cesspit with little form of amenities or transport links.

Give Punggol another 20 years, and this scenario might still be the case.

So, the HDB’s idea of sustainable family life means: throw young couples into a sardine tin and throw away the key?

Well done, indeed.


(3) Stranglehold

With prices rising year-on-year at a pace faster than inflation, what else can young couples afford?

In other words, Singapore’s future generations are going to be held ransom to the whims of a short-sighted government.


(4) In Sum

Thanks, but no thanks Mr Khaw. For all the noble rhetoric on live television, especially after the General Elections, we finally see what the true master plan is.

Which is probably more than what Singaporeans can afford to bargain for.

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