Smoking and E-Cigarettes Almost Causes This Young Man to Lose His Lung!

The dangers of vaping, or smoking electronic cigarettes, are well-documented, and Singapore has banned the sale of e-cigarettes.

Still there are some who get their supply from other sources (you, the fella who smuggles chewing gum from Malaysia, we don’t know who you are and we don’t care, but we know you do).

Those who insist on vaping, you’ll probably think twice after reading this tale from a heartbroken sister, Al Nur.

She related this story about her brother who took to smoking e-cigarettes after quitting smoking:

“This is the effect for vaping in 4 months after quit smoking. He’s having chest pain for 2 days and severe pain on the third day. We tod its only a normal chest pain but after x-ray doctor discovered his right lung shrink. Doctor had to make a hole to put in hose and remove air to make his lung expand as per normal. If this is not working he ‘would’ lost 1 of his lung. Is it pain? i can guarantee u it is a painful experience. Effect of vaping and smoking depending on each individual but this is an ‘early’ reminder for him to stop vaping and smoking”

Not that we follow our own advice, but vaping is bad and so is smoking, so quit these two vices today for the sake of those who love you.


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