SMRT takes Disciplinary Action against Staff Responsible for Singapore’s First-Ever MRT Flooding Incident


SMRT has suspended the team of 6 staff from the Building and Facilities Maintenance group that didn’t conduct maintenance work on the Bishan water pump system and falsified records stating that they had done so.

Among the staff are a manager, engineering supervisor and 4 other crew members.

This was said in a statement by SMRT today.

Disciplinary action will be taken against the team.

Another 7 mangers from the same maintenance group, including 2 executives who hold vice-president positions, have also been suspended while investigations into their conduct are taking place.

SMRT also said today that it has wrapped up its investigations into the maintenance of the Bishan pump system.

Faulty pumps were blamed for Singapore’s first-ever MRT tunnel flooding on 7 Oct, which took place between Bishan and Braddell MRT stations.

The flooding brought several stretches of the North-South Line to a halt, and it took 21 hours for the full train service to resume.

Investigations turned up the shocking revelation that the pumps had not been serviced for close to a year, and the maintenance team responsible had lied stating that they had performed the necessary checks.

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