SMRT to Outsource More Maintenance Work to External Contractors

SMRT has announced that it will be outsourcing more non-rail maintenance for the purpose of improving speed and quality of such work.

The transport operator also intends to outsource the maintenance of MRT station air-conditioning and tunnel ventilation systems.

The move will add to an already long list of work which is handled by external contractors.

Functions which are outsourced now include cleaning services, and maintenance of fire protection, ceiling fans at station platform, lifts, plumbing and roofing.

External contractors also assist in the servicing of escalators, lights and platform screen doors.

This comes after the Temasek-owned company outsourced servicing of tunnel pumps following last October’s tunnel flooding at Bishan MRT station.

The maintenance team responsible for servicing the pumps were found to have falsified records and put off maintenance work for close to a year.

SMRT says that maintenance staff will “step up to supervisory or inspection roles” in tandem with the additional outsourcing of work.

SMRT director of building and facilities Siu Yow Wee said the move does not mean the company is washing its hands of risks associated with poor maintenance.

“We will not outsource our responsibility away… Engaging an external contractor – some of whom are original equipment manufacturers – allows us to work on multiple sites concurrently as we can mobilise the contractor’s manpower.”



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