Socio-political Activist Jolovan Wham Charged in Court for Illegally Organising Public Assemblies

Socio-political activist Jolovan Wham, former director of migrant worker welfare group HOME, was charged in court today.

Among the charges he faces are organising public assemblies without permit, vandalism, and refusing to sign police statements.

The 37-year-old had organised 3 public assemblies without obtaining permits for them.

The first was on 26 Nov last year, when he allegedly facilitated live transmission of a speech by Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong.

The second involved activities on an MRT train on 3 June this year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Operation Spectrum – the incident where 22 people were arrested for allegedly plotting a Marxist conspiracy to overthrow the Government.

The last illegal assembly was on 13 July, where Wham held a demonstration outside Changi Prison Complex calling for a stay of execution for convicted drug trafficker Prabagaran Srivijayan.

Wham’s vandalism charge relates to the sticking of 2 pieces of paper on a train panel on 3 June.

One piece of the paper read “MARXIST CONSPIRACY? #notodetentionwithouttrial”, and the other, “JUSTICE FOR OPERATION SPECTRUM SURVIVORS #notodetentionwithouttrial”.

If found guilty of organising a public assembly without police permit, Wham can be fined up to S$10,000 and/or jailed up to 6 months per charge, as he would be a repeat offender.

If found guilty of vandalism, he can be jailed up to 3 years, and a fined up to S$2,000.

For refusing to sign police statements, he can jailed for up to 3 months and/or fined up to S$2,500.


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