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SPH Editor-In-Chief Bashes SIngapore Online Alternative News Media

“If you want to bash out a story without checking facts, there is a market for that. But that’s not our market.”

That was the criticism heaped on independent news websites by Patrick Daniel, the editor-in-chief of English and Malay newspapers for Singapore Press Holdings.

He said that while independent news websites in Singapore “have their audience”, they serve people who are less interested in credible news.

“The online publishing space is wide, and we can’t be all things to everyone. So we just have to know who our audience is and be the trusted source of information.”

“They have their audience and we have ours. All power to them,” he said. “We have our audience to serve, and we have to do as good a job as we can.”

Daniel also said that SPH isn’t afraid of competition from international news agencies.

“Our strength is that we know our town best, it’s our territory. We have far more resources to throw at a story locally,”

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