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SPH Price Hike: Dog Owners Fume at Higher Prices for Their Pooches to Use the Potty

Singapore Press Holdings is raising the prices for some of the newspapers in its stable starting from today, and that price hike has rankled some dog owners.

They say that their pooches rely on those papers to use the potty, and the increase in prices will directly affect them.

Said Mr Tan Wee Wee:

“I bring ST to the loo because the paper is thick enough to last my session doing business. Then, my chihuahua uses it as a loo. It’s a good paper to have. But now that it’s more expensive, I might have to switch to TODAY even though it’s thinner.”

From March 1, The Straits Times will be sold at news-stands for S$1.10 a copy on weekdays and S$1.20 on Saturdays.

The Sunday Times will also be S$1.10.

This is an increase of 20 cents from current news-stand prices.

Some dog owners, however, feel that the increase is justified.

Said Mdm Chia Liao Bee:

“The next best alternative for my dog’s potty area is Scotts tissue, which would come up to 4 times the price. And I can’t use TODAY because it everytime I look at the red logo, I think it’s a blood stain and I panic. So it’s got to be ST. 10 cents more for peace of mind is worth it.”


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