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ST’s Big Boo-Boo: Spot What’s Wrong With This PM Lee Break Fast Picture!

Can you spot the boo-boo in this picture? (Hint: it’s all in the hands)

In its rush to paint Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a good light breaking fast with Muslims, it neglected the PM’s south paw syndrome.

Yes, that’s him picking at food with his left hand.

redwire-singapore-pm-lee-break-fas blunder'
In Muslim culture, the left hand is considered unclean, as it is practice to use the left hand to for hygiene purpose, eg to clean up filth, and wash up after going to the bathroom.

Some Muslims believe it is disrespectful to use the left hand to eat from a common plate, while others say it is an “exaggeration” that Muslims will be offended if you eat using your left hand.

PM Lee is a natural left-hander, and it might be excusable if he were to make those around him aware of this.

We believe that PM Lee was trying to show respect to Muslims, taking time off to break fast with them.

But ST? Alamak use a better shot for a giant spread of our PM lah!



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