Sued But Pants Never Drop: Public Support Helps Leong Sze Hian Pay Off PM Lee Damages

Socio-political activist Leong Sze Hian has managed to pay off over S$200,000 in damages owed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, after losing a defamation suit.

His lawyer, People’s Voice Party leader Lim Tean, said that he hand-delivered delivered the full sum earlier today to PM Lee’s lawyers, together with a letter that reads:

“Dear Sirs,

Please found our client’s DBS cashiers order for the amount of $262,327.22 being full and final payment of the damages together with legal costs and disbursements awarded to your client.

Your client will be aware that every cent of this amount was donated to our client by the people of Singapore in an epic demonstration of their condemnation and anger at your clients use of the libel laws to silence and chill dissent.

It was conduct unbefitting of a Prime Minister.

The courageous citizens of Singapore were determined not to allow your client the satisfaction of suing critics until their pants drop.

Your client may have won in a court of law, but this cashiers order is proof that he has lost decisively in the court of public opinion.”

Leong was given a 17 May deadline to pay the costs ordered by the court.

He had initially raised S$133,000 from the public to pay for damages to PM Lee.

Subsequently, he was slapped with an additional S$64,000 bill for PM Lee’s legal costs.

That amount was also raised in full from public donations.

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