Suicide Attempt Gone Wrong at East Coast Park Overhead Bridge


A 46-year-old man tried to kill himself by jumping off an overhead bridge near East Coast Park yesterday (27 Feb).

The incident took place at about 2.30pm at the overhead bridge near Block 6 Marine Terrace.

The man was seen pacing about on the overhead bridge before jumping off.

He didn’t die despite the 4.5m fall.

Instead, the man injured his leg after landing on the grass verge of the road divider and was sent by paramedics to Changi General Hospital.

A passer-by called the police after seeing what had happened.

It’s uncertain what tipped the man over the edge.

Police investigations are ongoing.

If you know someone who has suicidal thoughts, or exhibits suicidal tendencies, help them by encouraging them to call the Samaritans of Singapore’s 24-hr hotline at 1800-221 4444 so they can receive emotional support.




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