“Suspect, and a Misuse of Resources”: Lee Hsien Yang Slams COP Treatment of WP Leaders


PSP Member Lee Hsien Yang has hammered the Committee of Privileges for what he perceives as unwarranted and “disturbing” treatment of Workers’ Party sec-gen Pritam Singh and vice-chair Faisal Manap.

In a Facebook post yesterday (17Jan) titled, “Inquiry or Inquisition?”, he said:

“The conduct of the COP was extremely disturbing. Watching some of the clips gave me a strong sense of deja vu. The push towards prosecution of Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap is suspect, and a misuse of public resources. As for the sanctimonious speeches in Parliament – people who live in glass houses….”

Both leaders are set to face the public prosecutor over their conduct during the COP hearings, for allegedly lying to the committee while under oath.

Singh has rejected the COP findings so far, saying in parliament earlier this week that:

“When seen as a whole, the COP’s processes and the report before Parliament leave many questions, gaps and omissions and by extension suggests political partisanship.”

He added:

“A key question is this: Who did this House commit to the COP? Raeesah Khan or the Workers’ Party leadership? The COP did not appear to want to get to the bottom of why Ms Khan lied in Parliament nor why she had a propensity to lie with respect to her anecdote both in and out of this House. The fact that she had concocted a lie to bolster her anecdote in Parliament was not balanced against her evidence to the COP.”

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