Tan Cheng Bock Forms a Well-Rounded “Dad’s Army” Capable of Running a GRC


They may be old, but they’ve got tons of experience under their belts – far enough to give one the impression that they would run a GRC well.

I’m talking about Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party and its key members.

Running a GRC and its town council relies heavily on financial management skills (the whole investment of sinking funds thing), estate management skills, a natural acumen to relate to residents and understand their concerns, and of course, sound political judgement as to how to raise those concerns in parliament.

Looking at the PSP core team, it appears that Dr Tan has got his bases covered:

Chairman: Wang Swee Chuang (2nd from right)
The 68-year-old was Dr Tan’s campaign manager during the 2011 Presidential Election. A former Vice-Chairman of Ayer Rajah CCMC, he was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2005.

We call him: the estate manager.

Treasurer: S Nallakaruppan (1st from left)
An investment specialist at DBS Vickers Securities – a post he has held for the past 24 years. The aging uncle, in his 50s now, is a NUC Accountancy graduate.

We call him: the finance guy.

Vice Chairman: G K Singam (1st from right)
The 81-year-old retiree is a former RSAF technician. He was Dr Tan’s principal election agent during PE2011.

We call him: the guy to call if the lift breaks down.

Assistant Secretary-General: Anthony Lee(2nd from left)
Little is publicly-known about the 39-year-old, except that he does a fair bit of weight-training, is a dad, and runs his own business. His father was reportedly a long-time supporter of Dr Tan back when he was a PAP MP.

We call him: the next Yaw Shin Leong (aunty-killer minus the scandals).

And then, there’s Dr Tan, an actual medical doctor (and not those Yaacob-esque ‘Doctors of Philosophy’) who is a shrewd politician and has amassed a significant amount of popularity since he emerged from the shadows in PE2011.

We call him: the next lao hero.

Other PSP members known to date include:

-72-year-old Wong Chow Seng, a retired technician who was a former PAP member and grassroots volunteer.

-Kassim Syed Mohamed, a retired ICA superintendent and long-time West Coast GRC grassroots member who’s now in his 60s

And then there’s…

-41-year-old lao chio Michelle Lee, a SDP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah during GE2011, who was seen on walkabouts with the Workers’ Party in 2012, and has now settled on the PSP.




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