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Taobao Shopping Fail: Sexy Dress Makes Woman Look X-Rated Instead of X-Factor!

This woman in China thought that she was getting a sexy black dress, when she shopped for it on e-commerce site, Taobao.

Well, it looked fine on the online store’s model.

And it’s supposed to be a copy of the dress which Thor actress Jaimie Alexander wore at the film’s 2013 premiere.

Instead, the would-be diva got hammered with a dress that fell short of her expectations, and left her looking more X-rated than X-Factor.

The dress features top-to-bottom see-through panels on the front and back of the dress.

That makes concealing the wearer’s modesty is something of a challenge.

Stretched across a less petite figure, the sheer panel shows off a lot more skin and covers less of her intimate regions.

We’re hoping the woman is satisfied, at least, with her pink bunny slippers.

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