“Taxi Driver Wait for Me to Load Luggage and Get In then say ‘Not Going to Changi Airport'”

BRYAN: Just to share an unpleasant experience with an SMRT driver which happened last week.

I was rushing to the airport for a business trip, and there were no cabs where I was, so I booked a cab using the Comfort Cab booking app. I got a driver and he put his distance as 8-10 minutes away.

Just as I got the booking confirmation, an SMRT cab drove up. The driver wound down the window and asked if anyone needed a cab. The rest of the people waiting there were on Uber/Grab, so I decided to hop on this cab instead and told the uncle “Airport”. I proceeded to cancel my current booking with Comfort. The driver wound up the window and sat there.

I tapped on the window and gestured for the driver to pop the trunk so I could load my luggage into the cab, but the driver just sat there and looked at me. So I went to the back, but the trunk still wasn’t opened.

So I tapped again on the window and motioned to him. He just turned around and stared at me. And kept quiet. I tapped again and he just gestured at me again to perform some action, so I tried to pop the trunk on my own and looked for the button catch at the back.

First time I pressed, nothing happened; it must have been damaged so I tapped on the window for the 4th time and again, he gestured at me to do it on my own. So I pressed it again and nothing happened.

The fifth time I tapped his window, he finally reached down and unlocked the trunk on his driver’s side, and opened the door and got out, stood there and stared at me.

I loaded my luggage, got into the cab and said: “Uncle, Changi Airport please.” The uncle just sat there. again I repeat, “Uncle, Changi Airport, please“. He turned around, stared at me and said “I’m not going to the Airport. Please get out“.

I didn’t have time to argue with him as I needed to catch my flight so I got out, got him to pop the trunk so I could get my luggage.

What a total waste of time! But as luck would have it, a Comfort Cab drove up a couple of minutes later. I got into it quickly and told the Uncle to head to the airport.

And the best part, he complained about a passenger who booked and cancelled immediately who requested to be picked up at my office block and was heading to the airport. It was awkward.

So to that SMRT taxi driver who was unhelpful, made me cancel a booking just because he accepted the fare, and ultimately made 2 people unhappy, I believe your attitude will bite you back one day.



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