Taxpayers to Foot Part of the Bill for Additional Bus Services due to Shorter MRT Operating Hours


Taxpayers will be made to foot part of the bill for additional bus services deployed over the next 7 months due to closures or shorter operating hours on the MRT system.

This includes shorter operating hours on the East-West MRT line for maintenance, and the closure of train service from Joo Koon and Gul Circle stations due to a train collision.

SMRT will foot the other part of the bill.

SBS Transit and third-party bus operators are expected to be roped in to provide the additional buses.

The move to deploy additional buses to ferry commuter displaced by the failing of SMRT has drawn doubt regarding feasibility from transport experts.

University of Singapore transport lecturer Lee Der-Horng said:

“During peak hours, one full-load train can have as many as 1,600 passengers, and it is two minutes per train. So the hourly passenger load can hit 48,000. You need more than 500 buses, and that’s only for one direction.”

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