Tech Giants Condemn Singapore Government’s Enacting of New Law to Further Control the Media

Tech giants Facebook and Twitter have condemned the move by the Singapore government to enact a new law to control fake news.

They fear that any laws enacted would be used by the government to exert control over the media.

As it stands, Singapore currently ranks 151 among 180 countries rated in the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders.

The tech firms say that current rules in place are already sufficient.

Said Alvin Tan, Facebook’s head of public policy for Southeast Asia:

“Singapore already has a variety of existing laws and regulations which address hate speech, defamation and the spreading of false news.”

The government has not decided on the parameters of legislation at this time, though a parliamentary panel has been set up to consider measures to tackle fakes new.

That panel is headed by Charles Chong, a PAP MP accused of spreading lies to win votes in the 2015 General Election.



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