Teen Boy could be Scarred for Life after Uber Driver Crashes Car into Him


An Uber driver crashed into a 14-year-old cyclist on Tuesday (15 Aug) and that accident could leave the kid permanently disfigured.

The boy was cycling along the junction of East Coast Park and Still Road at about 5pm when he was hit.

At the time, he was supposed to meet his friend in the Eunos area to eat Hokkien Mee.

Describing the accident, he said:

“I was cycling on the road. Suddenly something hit me and I smashed into the bonnet of a car. Then I blacked out and only woke up when the ambulance arrived.”

The boy is now in hospital, and needs the help of a wheelchair to move around.

His face is bandaged and he appears to still be traumatised by the crash.

His mother said:

“The doctor said that the wounds on the left side of his face and forehead are deep and could leave permanent scars.”

The boy’s father, 50-year-old business Mr Lui, said that he got the bad news that day while he was driving.

“We were in the car when they gave us the bad news. My wife broke down and cried. We rushed to the scene but my son had already been sent to the hospital and we only saw the driver.”

Mr Lui is puzzled as to why the driver was carrying a walking stick at the time as he didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries.

Police are investigating the case.



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