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The Fan Bingbing Boobie-Tops You WON’T get to See on National TV

Singaporeans can be forgiven for not knowing boob from bust.

After all, we’ll only get to see the version of Chinese drama The Empress of China which is digitally-modified to COVER UP bare flesh of the female characters like Empress Cixi Fan Bingbing!

Oh yeah, and besides this, 18-year-old SAR-21-toting NS boys don’t get to watch boobies in R-21 movies too (but that’s a story for another day).

Good news though, boobies won’t be distracting your husbands and sons and sons-in-law (those naughty bastards) from paying more attention to boobies than the intricate details of fashion from the Tang Dynasty era.

A lot more attention goes into crafting those costumes, you know, so why let two mounds of flesh detract from what’s important.

And everyone really loves Santa Claus for his skill at gift-wrapping rather than the presents.

Well, here’s the boobies that you won’t get to see on national TV.

Sorry, I meant just the boobie tops – we don’t want to get charged for publishing obscene imagery like Amos Yee, and kena slapped outside the State Court.

Thinking about it again, why’s there a need to censor boobie-tops?

Wah piang!













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