This SMRT Taxi Uncle Shows You How to “Be a Man, Do the Right Thing”

MYLENE ONG FLORES: I had the best driver and customer experience by your SMRT driver, Chia Kim Soon SHB5429J.

On Nov2, around 12:45-2pm, I rode his taxi from Resorts World Sentosa to Plaza Singapura, by the time I needed to pay my $21 dollar fare, I can’t find my wallet, I was very stressed and panicky, and I asked him to bring me back to Resorts World Sentosa.

Along the way I was calling my family and friends what to do, my wallet contained all my ICs, debit and credit cards, and I have no money with me at all. I was telling Uncle I didn’t have any money to pay him, I only had $50 vouchers from Takashimaya. He even gave me some advise about reporting the matter to the police or going to ICA to replace my IC.

By the time we reached back Resorts World, I tried to pay him with the $50 voucher, the fare was $21 dollars, he didn’t want to accept it and he said that go on and find if my wallet is still at the food court. I took a picture of his taxi plate number and I was so thankful. Luckily going back to the food court, the good staff has turned over my lost wallet to their management office and everything money, cards and ICs were intact.

So I wanted to locate Uncle by contacting SMRT and providing his plate no. I wanted to call him to say my thank you for all his help driving me back to Resorts World and not accepting any payment in return. I now offered to pay him back which he still refused but I convinced him that I will transfer payment to him.

Thank you SMRT for the good deed of your driver and we need more people like him with a kind heart and service that matters.

An appropriate recognition would be good to encourage such care, dedication and behavior of your drivers towards their passengers. KUDOS!



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