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This Sofa Seller Shows You Why You Should Always Check Properly Before Posting an Ad

“Hi there,  I’m selling a 2 year old full leather reclining sofa by Giormani, model is MACKEN. I bought the sofa in Hong Kong and shortly after, had it put in storage with all my belongings because I was relocating to Singapore.”

Heng ah, our editor saw this Gumtree advertisement and re-checked to double confirm everything was ok before posting an ad to sell his toilet bowl.

Seemingly run-of-the-mill, it’s only when you scroll through the attached pictures that you discover that picture of a man lazing about on the sofa.

Perhaps it was left in to show how comfortable the sofa is, such that anyone resting on it can sleep like a baby.

The seller ends the ad post saying “Any questions or if you want more pictures, please email me. Thanks!”

So if you’re keen on more Sleeping Beauty pictures, check out the ad here and let the seller know.

We still prefer a sleeping Scarlett Johansson.


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