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Time to Introduce a National Service Tax for Foreigners Residing in Singapore?

RONALD LEE: GST and other taxes levied by the government are hurting Singaporeans and their families.

Already, we are suffering due to rapidly rising cost of living.

We are low in the Happiness Index, and rank among the lowest in the world regarding fertility rate.

Yet the government continues to milk Singaporeans with “innovative” new taxes that hurt the poor and middle class.

If the government is going to be innovative about this, why not levy a National Service tax on foreigners and their dependents residing in Singapore?

Singaporean men have to serve NS for at least two years from age 18, and remain operationally ready until the age of 40.

We serve Singapore and are relied on to protect our country when called upon.

In this way, we are providing security for foreigners who call Singapore their temporary home.

Instead of having the government foot the bill for NS allowance and any salary reimbursements due to reservist duties, shouldn’t this bill at least fall on foreigners?

Especially, those who bring their “whole kampong” over?

Without such a NS tax on foreigners, we are allowing them to leech off our public resources, which is the security provided by Singaporeans.

That isn’t fair at all to Singaporeans who serve the nation, and Singaporeans who pay ever-increasing taxes to fund public expenditure.

A NS tax would also remind foreign MNC bosses not to take our safe and secure nation for granted, and not treat NS commitments as a liability and an excuse for them to hire yet more foreigners to replace locals.

The government should look into a NS tax and clawing back social justice for Singaporeans.

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