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Time to Scrap 3/4 Tank Rule: Gahmens Shouldn’t be the Only Ones to Benefit from Malaysia Travel

ELSON: With the latest Road Charge impose by Malaysia on foreign vehicles, drivers will now need to pay S$6.60 more per month to enter Bolehland.

This is in addition to the S$3.80 paid to leave Singapore and S$2.70 to re-enter Singapore, assuming you use the Causeway.

Which adds up to S$13 a trip to go to Malaysia and come home.

The fee has been steadily rising over the years – it used to be S$1.20 to drive to Malaysia and about S$1.20 to return to Singapore (S$2.40 altogether).

Which means an 81 percent increase for Singaporean travellers.

So Malaysia enjoys the fruits of higher tax dollars, to the tunes of millions per month, and so too the Singapore government, which levies a S$35 Vehicle Entry Permit charge on Malaysia-registered cars entering Singaland.

What about us, then?

Everyone suffers except the governments of both countries because even with the fee increase Singaporeans will still go, but they will save less money now.

How about lessening the burden on drivers then by scrapping the 3/4 tank rule which has been in place since the Singapore government implemented it 25 years ago?

Most people I know who drive to Malaysia, besides on business trips or recreation, go there to buy cheep cheep things and pump cheep cheep petrol.

People are just trying to save some money to cope with rising cost of living in Singapore, so why must we continue to penalise them with an outdated rule?

Do you think anyone would want to go through the hassle of a 1.5 hour wait at the Causeway (not including other travelling time) if they didn’t have to?

The Singapore government must not be allowed to reap all the benefits for itself alone.



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