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Toll Charges for Cars Leaving Singapore Cut to S$1 from 1st February 2018

From 1st Feb, cars leaving Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint will have their current toll charges of S$3.80 cut to S$1.

This comes as Malaysia removed toll charges at the Eastern Dispersal Link – the 8km highway which ends at the Causeway from inside Johor Bahru.

Since August 2014, motorists entering and leaving Singapore had to pay a toll even if they do not use the elevated highway.

Singapore has a long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates.

All vehicle except motorcycles will see a toll reduction.

Vans and light goods vehicles will see a reduction from S$5.80 to S$1.50.

Heavy goods vehicles will get their toll cut from S$7.70 to S$2.

Taxis will be charged S$0.50, down from $1.90.

Buses will be charged S$0.80, down from S$3.10.



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