11 People Crammed into HDB Flat to “Share the High Rental Cost”

11 people were found crammed into a HDB flat by a property agent, who made the shocking discovery when the homeowner asked her to settle the issue of overcrowding.

At the time, the homeowner was overseas.

The tenants were reluctant to leave, saying that they had to squeeze in the flat because of the high cost of rent.

They also asked Ina if the “extra” tenants could move out first should the HDB check the unit.

However, property agent Ina Sultan said that she had to ask them to vacate the unit so that the homeowner would not get into trouble.

There is a maximum number of tenants that can rent a flat, with 6 tenants the cap for larger HDB flats.

Ina said that she has discovered more than 40 people living in one unit before.

She says that she sympathises with these people because rent is Singapore is “crazy” at the moment.

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