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Abhorrent Foreign Workers’ Dormitory: “Dogs Have Better Homes”

A migrant worker who has been working here for 7 years is shocked at the conditions of his new home at a dormitory in Jurong industrial estate.

Khan, said that the dormitory was in abhorrent condition, with 25 workers allegedly cramped in the same room, and no door to partition the toilet from sleeping area.

“It smells bad since so many people urinate in there. Even when we flush and flush, [the room] smells like sewage.”

Khan added that the ceiling fans are damaged and wall are chipped, and the overall state of the place is worse than a doghouse.

“We want to be treated like humans and not dogs. Actually, dogs have better homes than us.”

Khan said that he works from 5am to 10pm every day, and all he wants is a proper renovation of the dormitory so he has “space to breathe”

He said that his mother back in Bangladesh would be very upset to know of his living conditions.

“My mother will definitely cry.”

Khan says that as far as he knows, the dormitory has not been inspected by the Manpower Ministry.

He has uploaded a video on Tik Tok, pleasing for the MOM to do a check.

“We work really hard during the day, so just a little bit of rest in a good place could give us more energy to keep going.”

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