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Alibaba Monitors Bra Sizes, Finds that Women with Bigger Breasts are Bigger Spenders

It’s not the size of your purse that reveals your shopping habits, but the size of your bra, according to new research.

Ladies with a cup size of B or smaller tend to save their pennies, while more well-endowed women are more likely to splurge on luxury items, claims e-commerce group Alibaba.

The Chinese group compared underwear sales on their site to the total amount spent and placed customers into five categories: low, slightly low, middle, slightly high, and high.

The data revealed only seven per cent of B-sized women buy in either of the ‘high spending’ categories.

Around 17 per cent of C-sized are high spenders, D-sized women are at 24 per cent, and E-sized women are at 33 per cent.


Overall, Alibaba found 65 per cent of women with a B-size cup fell into the ‘low’ spend category, while those of a size C or higher can be found mostly into the ‘middle’ or higher group.

One reason for this may be that younger women with less disposable income are the ones buying smaller bras, according to Quartz.

The high cost of speciality bras for well-endowed women may also have skewed the results.

‘We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg,’ Alibaba Vice President Joseph Tsai told Quartz of the company’s data-dive.

‘We really haven’t done even five per cent of leveraging that data to really make our operations more efficient, consumers more satisfied.’

Singles Day, on November 11, triggered online sales totalling £6 billion ($9.3 billion) and revealed the data mining strength of the company.

Alibaba turned Singles’ Day into an online shopping festival in 2009. It copyrighted the ‘Double 11’ term three years later after recognising its commercial potential.

‘You’re seeing the unleashing of the consumption power of the Chinese consumer,’ Joe Tsai, Alibaba’s executive vice chairman, said.

Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma claims that data mining is one of the company’s priorities, a last year set up an 800-strong group of employees dedicated to analysing shopper statistics.


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