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Aunty Puts Plastic Head Outside HDB Flat to Warn Neighbour to Shut Up

Nowadays, with cost of living this high, ah longs have already switched from hanging pigs’ heads at debtors’ doors to just drawing tortoises.

But this siao lang aunty might have just given them some inspiration to renew the head-hanging practice of old.

Mdm Liu Siu Lan, who lives in a third-floor unit at Block 79A Toa Payoh Central, was so incensed by a noisy neighbour that she put a plastic mannequin head and a mirror on the air-con compressor outside her flat.

She believes that the neighbour stays in one of the units on the upper floors, and this is her attempt at scaring the neighbour into silence.

Mdm Liu claims that she will hear the sound of things being washed and furniture being dragged around in the middle of the night, and other noises in the early mornings at around 4am.

The “noise”, according to Mdm Lin, can range from chopping chilli to the sound of showering or the toilet flushing.

She believes that her neighbour who lives on the fourth floor is causing the noise.

However, the neighbour, a Mdm Zhang, says that no one from her flay unit is causing the noise.

She says that she also hears the noises, but is unsure which unit they originate from.

Mdm Zhang said that Mdm Liu would sometimes go to their unit and shout at them.

As a result, she installed a CCTV in case things turned nastier.

The town council is understood to be looking into the noise issue.

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