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“Be Like Bill” Meme Could Steal Your Credit Card Details and Kill Your Computer!

If you haven’t seen those “Be like Bill” memes floating around on social media, it’s time to visit your optometrist.

Playing around with that smug-as-a-donkey meme could make you feel pretty shiok, but it could also give you a big headache.

That’s got to do with the privacy terms put in place by the meme’s creator, Bobla, which state that “You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover”.

In the process of creating your super-annoying cool Be Like Bill meme, the content could contain viruses that can damage your computer, access your Facebook profile or even find ways to get your credit card and bank account numbers.

If you’re ok with that, so be it.

But if you want to remove the meme from your Facebook page, this is what you can do:

-Go to your Facebook settings and select the Apps category from the left menu.
-Hover your cursor over the appropriate app and click “X” to remove.

If you’re using a computer, this is what you can do to clean it up:


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