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Buskers Give Middle Finger to “Free Performance” Request from NDP Organising Committee

Apparently, the National Day Parade 2022 Organising Committee has asked local buskers to perform for free at some of the heartland celebration sites, and this has got buskers pretty mad.

The “invitation” was sent by means of text message to a Whatapp chat group which comprises around 129 buskers.

In the message, the committee stated that any participation would be on a “voluntary” basis and that there would be no remuneration.

While the message did not explicit mention anything about allowance for transport and makan, many buskers have assumed these wouldn’t be included.

While buskers might be shocked and angry, they perhaps should not be surprised.

Because it’s National Day, so don’t forget the lyrics to Stand Up for Singapore hor – “be prepared to give a little more”.

After all, fireworks already cost millions in tax dollars.

Unfortunately, the committee has stated that it is not looking for circus acts.

Otherwise, old friends Desmond Kuek and Ng Yat Chung would be more than qualified to volunteer their time.

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