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17-Month-Old China Boy Made to Run on Treadmill by Dad and Mom, while they Watch and Laugh

Are these parents going a step too far with this lesson?

On orders of his parents, this Chinese toddler was made to run on a threadmill, as his parents kept gradually turning up the speed!

They were then shown on camera laughing hysterically as the 17-month-old boy runs full tilt.

Repeatedly, the parents keep yelling at him to “hurry up!”

At one point, the boy’s mom shouts out “don’t make it too fast”, but she can’t contain her laughter.

The child struggles to keep up with the conveyor belt, edging towards the back of the machine before
his father, who’s in stitches, finally lifts him off.

Training for next Olympics in Beijing, maybe?


Watch the video here.

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