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Clinic Claims Former Staff Made Baseless Allegations on Social Media, Threatens Legal Action

The Bidadari Clinic has rubbished claims by an ex-employee and has demanded an apology, threatening legal action.

Last Tues (28 Mar), Shef Goh took to Facebook to complain about the clinic and her boss.

She said that she was made to run the clinic alone on just her third day of work even though nobody had taught her anything about the workflow and medicines.

Shef added that her manager wouldn’t help her or teach her anything even if she was around.

Another allegation Shef made was how she was having a fever and wanted to go home and hour lear but was told to “bear with it” by her manager, suggesting that her medical leave would count as no-pay leave.

Finally, Shef said she did not receive her salary even after resigning from the clinic.

In response, The Bidadari Clinic shared that Goh had informed them about her fever and that she was advised her to see the doctor on duty so that a medical certificate can be given.

“However she simply replied ‘I see how, just eat medicine’. At no point did we force the employee to continue to work while being sick.”

The clinic also clarified that Goh was paid her salary after her last day of service.

The Bidadari Clinic said that there are “no merits” to the “false allegations”, which have “caused significant harm” to the clinic’s reputation.

Shef’s Facebook post, said the clinic, led people to prank call the clinic’s land line, as well as leave a number of fake Google reviews.

The clinic has asked Shef to replace her post with a public apology, adding that they have engaged legal counsel to represent them in relation to the matter.

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