Confused PHV Driver Wonders Why Female Passenger Attacked and Scratched Him

When private-hire driver Sirajuddin Sathar picked up a female passenger on Wed (8 Mar), he wasn’t expecting a scolding and bloody scratches on his arm at the end of the ride.

The 59-year-old picked up the passenger – a woman who appeared to be in her 40s – at about 9.30am at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3.

She as headed for Toa Payoh Central.

Sirajuddin said that the trip proceeded like any normal one and he was following his GPS.

But when he was about to reach her destination, the passenger began scolding him in Mandarin.

“I tried to communicate with her in English, but she hit my back and my arm. It gave me a shock and I had to stop the car.”

Sirajuddin said that the passenger then started to mutter to herself.

When he arrived at Toa Payoh Central, Sirajuddin opened the car door for the woman to alight.

That was when she started scolding and hitting him again before leaving.

Later on, he noticed that there were scratch marks on his arm.

“She must’ve scratched me with her nails while hitting me. The scratches are about four centimetres long, and they’re still quite obvious after a day.”

Sirajuddin believes the woman was upset because she thought he had taken a detour and caused her to be late.

However, he says that he only followed the directions laid out by the GPS.

He has since made a police report.

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