Driver Accuses Siao Lang of Stalking Her and Trying to Scratch Her Car

Nope, this didn’t happen in Yishun but the Block 32A multi-storey carpark in Eunos Crescent.

A driver said that she was in the midst of backing into a parking lot when another driver squeezed past her car.

She said that she sounded her horn, to which the other driver then stopped and shouted vulgarities at her.

“While I was in my car downloading the video, the driver came to my car and tried to scratch it. He stopped when he noticed that I was still inside my car. I confronted him and he scolded vulgarities and left.”

The driver added that the siao lang later did an about turn to look for her.

Even after she shifted parking lots and got out of the car, she said that the siao lang continued to follow her around, so drove off and later called the police.

Siao langs do not only appear in Yishun – known affectionately or not as Singapore’s crazy people’s town.

They have also been frequently spotted in other town centres, from Bedok to Clementi.

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