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“Fei Yu Qing” Scams Terminally Ill Woman of S$80,000

A woman who is receiving treatment for terminal stage breast cancer has been swindled of S$80,000 by an online scammer impersonating famous Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Qing.

71-year-old Mdm Huang said that she received a text message from someone posing as the singer in August last year.

After chatting for some time, the scammer told her that he loved her and wanted to meet up in Singapore.

Blinded by love, Huang than progressed to an online relationship with the scammer.

She agree to open a new bank account, transfer S$20,000 over, and share the account login details with the fake Fei.

Later on, the Fei imposter told her that a package containing cash and gold bars that he had sent her was held up at Singapore Customs.

He asked Huang to lend him S$12,000 so that the package could be collected.

Even though she grew suspicious, Huang was still blinded by love and gave in to his assurances.

Later on, she transferred another S$10,000 for a similar package, and deposited another S$58,539 into bank account she shared with the fake Fei.

It was only after she lost contact with the scammer and discovered that the money in the bank account was missing that she went to the bank for help.

That was when she realised she had been scammed.

According to statistics released by the police, scam victims here lost a total of S$660.7million in 2022.

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