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Foreign Talent Needed Because Even Singapore Cats Can’t Catch Rats?

There’s the old saying that’s been repeated until the cows come home, “Doesn’t matter if it’s a black cat or white cat, as long as it can catch rats”.

But it seems cats in our sunny island state have had life going too well for them that not only have they forgotten how to catch rats, they even flee from the little rodents.

In a video that’s been making its rounds online, this kitty was approached by a rat while just lounging around and minding its own business.

No one knows if the rat was from 369 or said some particularly threatening words in rodent slang, but the cat then dashes off with the rat hot on its paws in pursuit.

Some Singapore netizens have likened this incident to how the government consistently preaches that Singaporeans are not “hungry enough” and that there are not enough talents here, such that it is important to import more foreign “talents” to build our economy.

Others sarcastically mentioned that if the cat had been better schooled in the art of rat-catching at an early age, it would have dealt with a such scenario in a much better way.

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