Fruit Seller Spikes Woman’s Durian with Sleeping Pills and Rapes Her


Pretty ladies (and guys) headed to Taiwan some exotic durians (why ah? Malaysia ones not good enough for you ah?) make sure you look carefully before you pop that seed in your mouth.

And, always check your durians, even if they’re from a friend!

A beautician in Taichung, Taiwan was raped by a 43-year-old fruit seller who laced her durians with sleeping pills.

He crushed two of the sleeping pills into powder and smeared it on the durian, then gave it to the beautician at the salon she worked at.

The fruit seller asked her to try the durian to see if it was ok because an “earlier customer had complained that the fruit was bitter.”

Several hours later, the fruit seller returned to find her asleep on the sofa of her salon.

He prodded her but she was too weak to put up a struggle, and that’s when he took the chance to rape her.

Subsequently, the beautician’s sister went to the salon to find out what was going on and that’s when she found her sister looking dishevelled.

They made a police report.

That incident took place in May last year.

The fruit seller has been jailed for 8 years and 6 months.


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