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I’ll Screw You, But Please Support Me: 377A Vote Exposes Gerald Giam as a Bare-Faced Hypocrite

ELSON: Not gay here, but have friends in the gay community.

And a hit is out for the Workers’ Party’s Gerald Giam at the next ballot box.

It’s one thing to vote against the repeal of 377A because of constituents, or personal conscience etc.

But to then add that there are “too many important issues that affect the lives of Singaporeans for one’s vote to be decided based on this single issue”.

That is just either patronising or downright insulting.

A “single issue” like this affects gay people’s right to have sex without worrying about Cardboard Mata.

But beyond that, it affects the LGBT community in terms of being “accepted” as normal in Singapore.

It opens room for future debate on other polarising issues, such as LGBTs, by law, can marry, buy a house together, and other things that come with a normal lifestyle.

All this, from the “single issue” that Giam asks everyone to overlook.

At least Giam was right about one thing when he said:

“I accept the importance that many Singaporeans place on their elected MPs’ positions on these Bills, to the extent that it will be a factor in their decision at the polls.”

All that the LGBT community asked was to vote against a law that makes it illegal for gay men to have sex – a law that the courts have already stated will not be enforced, which therefore makes it redundant.

Even this cannot be done, and you expect the LGBT vote?

What a disappointment.

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