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LTA Wastes Taxpayer’s Money Growing Grass on Bus Stop Roofs Instead of Solving Real “Raining Get Wet” Problem

RONALD LEE: Anybody here who has boarded a public bus on a rainy day knows this – we will get wet.

There’s a gap between the bus and the bus stop, and we all have to dash up down the bus stop steps and up the steps of the bus itself.

The whole design is not only dangerous for the elderly, but it gets us wet damn it!

Not to mention when the wind blows your way…

An extended, or extendable roof, or something similar would go a long way in helping commuters.

But instead of solving the most basic of problems like this one, the LTA now wants to plant grass on the roofs of 150 bus stops.

Maybe new scholars trying to parachute into better positions need to pad their CVs are just latching on to the whole “green” fad.

The “green roof” is supposed to reduce heat for commuters waiting at the bus stop.

But really, if the bus service is as efficient as it is touted to be, there wouldn’t be a need to wait more than 15 minutes for your bus.

Besides the cost of installation of those grass patches, there is also the cost of maintenance.

And the equipment that is required for such maintenance – poor NParks workers now need to learn how to work a crane on the job, or wield an unwieldy ultra-extendable watering can?

Should Singaporeans be surprised?

This is, after all, the same LTA that approved and paid for all those sloping seats installed at bus stops and MRTs years back.

Even after commuters made a hell lot of noise, the LTA said that the seats were for us to rest our asses, and not to actually sit on.

It was only after we really raised hell that those stupid sloping ass-rests got replaced with proper flat seats.

So, for the government scholars, maybe give us a break and actually put some thought into solving real-world problems?

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