Man Dolls Up Wife’s Corpse and Sleeps with it Because He Misses Her Very Much!

We’re not sure whether to find this tale sweet, or shocking.

This man from Vietnam’s Quang Nam province missed his wife very much when she died.

But what happens when grief turns into obsession?

For 20 months after his wife’s death, Le Van slept upon the ground above her grave.

He eventually couldn’t tahan the rain.

So, he planned to dig a tunnel from his home to her grave, so he may still lie with her every night but stay dry.

But that graveyard tunnel honeymoon was mooted, possibly because it was a bad idea, possibly because he would have to spend his nights with all sorts of other corpses too (talk about graveyard polygamy!)

It finally dawned on Le Van that the direct approach would work best, so he dug up his late wife’s body and brought her home!

That’s what you see next to him in the picture, wrapped in flesh-coloured paper, and dressed up to look like a human doll.

Her skull is covered with a clay mold decorated with a hand-drawn depiction of his beloved’s face.

It’s probably time for someone to tell Le Van to let it go, and put an end to this chilling tale.

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