Marine Parade MP Tin Pei Ling Pregnant with SG50 Baby

Renowned “stomper” Tin Pei Ling is pregnant with her first child.

The Marine Parde GRC Member of Parliament posted news of her bundle of joy on Facebook.

The 31-year-old is now 4 months into the pregnancy and the child when born this year will be an SG50 baby, qualifying the Ms Tin’s family for a SG50 Jubilee Gift.

That’s a suitcase filled with 8 goodies: a medallion, a shawl, a baby sling, a set of baby clothes, a diaper bag, a scrapbook, a photo frame and a set of baby books. – See more at:

Ms Tin says she will continue to keep up with her parliamentary duties and constituency work for as long as she can.

This is her full Facebook post:

“Dearest friends, I have received several enquiries recently from a number of people and so I think it is time to break the news… I am expecting a baby and it’s about 4 months now. This is my first baby and my hubby and I are looking forward to welcoming this new member to our family. I am excited and a bit nervous, given that it is a whole new experience for me.

As I get ready for this new phase of my life, I will continue to keep up with my Parliamentary duties and constituency work for as long as I am able to do so. Nevertheless, I have been blessed to have the full support of my fellow MPs in the Marine Parade GRC team and my team in MacPherson. They have both pledged to help support and cover me if and when I need to slow down. We will continue to put in our best efforts to serve the needs of MacPherson residents.

Looking forward to meeting the little one. Hope to have your blessings too!”

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