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Meagre Economic Rice Portion for a “Nonsensical” S$11.50 Rankles Diner

Is S$11.50 too much for a “2 meat plus one vegetable” economic rice meal?

Apparently so, according to many Singaporeans who took to social media to condemn the prices at the economic rice stall at City Square Mall’s Food Republic kopitiam.

Charlie Tang, who shared the photo, mockingly said that maybe that was some “elite chicken” he ordered.

Claiming that he had been overcharged, Tang said:

“No wonder no one queue during dinner hours. I missed the red flag.”

Tang isn’t the only one who is upset with the Food Republic stall, as seen by angry comments left on Google Review.

Said one reviewer:

“They put prawns in many dishes and count as seafood such as French bean with prawns which cost a whooping $4.40. Added together with 1 meat, 1 veggies and rice, it amounted to $11.20!”

Other netizens have called the stall “dubious” and called for a boycott.

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