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Meragi Parking Vigilantes Harass Non-Residents for Parking Their Cars in the Estate

If you’re parking your car along the road at Meragi Close and you’re not a resident there, beware the resident parking vigilantes!

Some non-residents who parked their cars legally along the public road in the private estate received notes such as the one pictured above.

Apparently, residents there aren’t too happy about “outsiders” taking up valuable road space in the estate.

But that’s not all that the parking vigilantes do.

One non-resident claims that “there were times when some of the home owners purposely parked very close to our cars to prevent us from driving out without hitting their cars.”

The vigilantes are also accused of damaging, vandalising, and putting notes on cars, signing off these notes as the “residents of Meragi Close”

What has gotten Meragi Close residents rankled could be the new Par Lumiere at Simei development.

The HDB estate, built under the Design, Build and Sell Scheme, forbids overnight parking for non-residents.

Besides that, some Parc Lumiere residents are believed to be too stingy to pay for season parking.

Nonetheless, as the roads at Meragi Close are public roads, any vehicle can park there as long as the vehicle is parked in accordance with traffic regulations.

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