Multiple Instances of Lead Weights Found in Fish

Several fish buyers have reported incidences of lead weights found in the fish they bought.

One of these occurrences took place at a wet market stall in Chinatown Complex.

The fish was not gutted during the time of purchase, so the poor aunty only discovered the lead weightss when she was cleaning the fish at home in preparation for a Chinese New Year meal.

The fish, a pomfret, was reportedly packed individually in bags and sold for S$50 each.

Lead weights were also found in another pomfret bought at the Sheng Siong supermarket in Punggol.

Sheng Siong says that the company did not insert the weights in the fish, adding that it would be sending a letter to the supplier that procured the fish and would terminate the partnership if it found out that the supplier was up to some fishy business.

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