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China’s Shame: Old Man Collapses and No One Helps Him Even After He Gets Run Over by Car

An elderly man who fell down on a street in Yuhuan county, Zhejiang province was ignored by dozens of people and vehicles for eight minutes straight before he was run over by a car on February 1. Only one passerby stopped by and asked about his condition, surveillance footage shows.

The full video can be watched here.

The surveillance video shows that an elderly man stumbled and fell down at the crossing at 2:43 pm. In the next eight minutes, there were four automobiles and 23 people passing by, but only one aged woman stopped and tried to converse with the man.

The woman was a neighbor of the man. She went to tell the man’s family after seeing him lying on the ground and calling his name but received no response, according to local police.

About two hours later at 4:38 pm, before the woman came back, a white car drove into the scene and crushed over the man, dragging him for a short distance and didn’t stop until somebody told him there was a man under the car.

It’s unclear if the man has died, or suffered serious injuries.

People have called for a “Good Samaritan Law” to go into effect across all of China following a number of cases involving people getting extorted for cash after coming to the aid of someone in need.

The topic was tragically brought to light and gained worldwide attention back in 2011 when a toddler named Yueyue was ran over by two vehicles and ignored by all but one person.

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