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French Gov: People Who Stop Eating Baguette Could be Jihadists!

If you thought Singapore ministers were bad at getting their message across (We’re looking at you, Goh CT!), just see what the French have got up to!

Apparently, policymakers believe that citizens could have turned into militants if they stopped eating baguette. Yes, BAGUETTE.

This is the French government’s infographic about radicalisation. It spells out eight “tell-tale signs” of radicalization for people to watch out for in others, such as withdrawing from friends and family, quitting sporting activity, terminating old friendships and changing the way you dress.

And not eating baguette.

redwire singapore french baguette jihad

The French government launched a website to counter terrorism in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, where armed men attacked the office of the satirical newspaper and killed its staff.

This message of national unity, aimed at young people who could be radicalised as well as the general public has made a splash on the internet.

So if you go to Paris, Singaporeans, carry a loaf with you at all times.

Just in case.



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