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PSP Siao Lang Demands “Bloodthirsty” President Halimah be Hung to Death

President Halimah Yacob is apparenly “bloodthirsty” and a “menace of the PAP” regime, according to one Progress Singapore Party siao lang.

That siao lang happens to be PSP member Vickreman Harvey Chettiar.

In several Instagram posts, the 32-year-old essentially went on a ballistic “death to the president” tirade.

In one post, he said that President Halimah should be “strung up from lamp-post 4F, and hanged by the neck until all life has completely departed her body”.

Aside from the president, Vickreman has also called for the death of her “collaborators” in the PAP regime.

Vickreman is believed to have made those social media posts in relation to Singaporean Tangaraju Suppiah, who was executed on April 26 for trafficking cannabis.

One can be forgiven, perhaps, for taking Vickreman’s threats seriously,

The word in some PSP circles is Vickreman is mentally sound, and thought to be either a transvestite or transexual.

One can be forgiven for taking Vickreman’s death-to-Halimah proclamations seriously – another PSP member, Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam, was arrested and charged for the murder of his business partner in Nov 2022.

Vickreman has been charged under the Protection from Harassment Act for making a threatening communication with the intent to “provoke the use of unlawful violence by another person against the President of Singapore”.

In a 5th May ruling, the court ordered him to be remanded at the siao lang chu, aka Institute of Mental Health, for a medical assessment.

This isn’t Vickreman’s first brush with the law.

Since 2020, he has been charged with mischief, and 2 other offences under the Protection from Harassment Act..

One of those charges include calling for doxxing a person and asking for help to physically separate that person from his penis.

Vickreman has apparently jumped ship from the PSP to the lesser-PSP – Red Dot United – a party which was started by disgruntled former PSP crybaby Ravi Philamon.

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