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RW Insider: Tension Boiling Between Lim Tean and Prabu Over Bruised Egos and Stifled Voices

Prabu Ramachandran apparently isn’t a very camper in the People’s Voice Party, especially after his one-man protest drew a grand audience of one person.

He seems particularly miffed that even party leader Lim Tean didn’t “give face” and show some support.

But that, according to our sources, is because Lim doesn’t hold him with much regard.

Lim is said to behave like a “tyrant” when it comes to public appearances, seemingly because he doesn’t want anybody “stealing his thunder”.

Ego aside, that is also partly, says one of sources, because he thinks that his party mates have “no substance”.

Said our source:

“In that case, if he always wants to go alone and scared other people outshine him, he might as well set up a one-man Hong Lim Park Party. Other things he doesn’t want to do. Only wants to go on his own one-man show.
He doesn’t want to listen to us, talks down to us, then we are here for what?”

The most recent incident which has sparked tension is Lim’s criticism of the Singapore government for allowing former Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa to enter Singapore after protests in the country against his leadership.

Lim has taken to his personal Facebook page to mount his attack, and also made some personal public appearances with his own friends decrying the episode.

Yet, he has not been seen to support members of his own party when they have raised a ruckus over the same issue.

Interestingly, similar accusations of narcissim arose in the last General Election when Lim printed campaign posters featuring just himself, without showing any of his running-mates.

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