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6 Tips to Keep Your Laundry Smelling Cleaner than a Columbarium Discussion

The Sengkang columbarium-temple saga was truly a case of washing dirty linen in public. And the blessed building hasn’t even been built yet! Just think, Sengkang West MP Lam Pin Min first blaming residents for being unreasonable, then shifting his gunsights to the URA and HDB, before finally shooting the government in the foot by whacking the MND.

Next up, a soap opera story in parliament, where Minister Khaw Boon Wan said “We didn’t know”, to the tune of the Butterfly Lovers.

Meanwhile, some residents are still wondering if they’ll get their refund.

The tale so far has got more twists and turns than a Taiwanese drama! And since our leaders are washing dirty linen in public, here’s how you can make sure yours come out smelling like roses instead of politics.

Understand your clothes garment types: The clothes you wear are made of different materials which require different cleaning focuses. By understanding these garments, you are able to adopt the right washing technique and avoid destroying them. For example, while cotton products can be washed under high temperatures, other synthetic types require cool or cold washing.

Always wash clothes of different types separately: When you mix colored and colorless clothes, you could get the colorless ones getting destroyed easily. It is important to sort out clothes before washing them and grouping the ones with similar fabric, colors and other characteristics together.

Children clothes are usually very dirty, require more scrubbing, or additional detergents to remove stubborn stains. Separating them from others for elderly and responsible people’s clothes is rewarding.

Only use the right detergents: The material make up of some clothes can only be cleaned effectively with some detergents. As you sort the clothes, make sure to also establish the best detergents that can be used without destroying the fabric. For example, a large number of clothes will have their colors destroyed or faded by bleaches.

If you do not understand the type of detergents to use, you may consider asking the manufacturer or a local laundry expert.
Avoid using new cleaning detergents in the market for your laundry until they are proven to work effectively. Many advertisements are highly exaggerated and might result to clothes destruction. Take your time and even test the detergents on a different fabric before using it on your clothes.

Show your laundry assistant all the machine operations: if you are not the one who will be using the washing machine always, it is paramount to show those who will be operating it. It is critical that everybody who will operate the machine can use it perfectly for the best results. For example, dry cleaning tips will ensure that your assistant can do perfect cleaning even when you are away. If it is a cleaning assistant or family member, you may consider having them take laundry sessions to perfect their skills.

Have your cleaning machine repaired regularly: The cleaning machine just like others in the house requires frequent maintenance and repairs. If the machine malfunctions, it could be a major cause of ineffective cleaning. While you can do some simple maintenance, have a professional check the machine, repair and replace worn out or broken section.

Always rinse clothes using clean water: While cleaning your clothes requires specific instructions such as use of detergents and temperatures, it is the rinsing that will determine the final results. Your hard work could turn out to be just in vain if you do not rinse them effectively.

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